5 Essential Tools Every Concrete Contractor Should Have

5 Essential Tools Every Concrete Contractor Should Have

When pouring at a new project, professional concrete pumpers that work with contractors are often tasked with getting the job done as efficiently as possible. To aid in pouring concrete, a few tools can make the contractor’s job much easier.

As you know, the most important process in construction by a concrete contractor is to pour concrete and  it’s common to use a concrete pump that utilizes hoses and clamps. In order to assist with pouring these tools are essential for getting the work done on time and minimizing room for error. In this article, I would like to mention some well-known tool and some inventions that will come in handy in one way or another.

Here are the 5 Essential Tools Every Concrete Contractor Should Have:

1 - Hard Hat

Safety is undoubtedly the most important requirement at work according to everybody who works in the construction industry. We must always ensure that we are operating safely, thus the Hard Hat should be our first tool. In construction, hard hats are a type of helmet worn to protect the head from hazards such as flying objects, collision impacts, debris, and shock. Hard hats are among the most durable forms of personal protective equipment, and they have been shown to save lives in the workplace.

2 - Slurry Disposal

On construction sites, a concrete slurry is produced daily from the wash-up of cement, concrete, grouts, render, and silt. A mess is frequently left behind when the equipment is cleaned in improvised "wash-out areas," such as gardens and lawns or on pavement, driveways, roads, and gutters. When washing up, this improper slurry disposal degrades the soil or, worse yet, contaminates stormwater drains and rivers, all of which harm the environment. A crucial issue in the construction sector can be resolved simply and affordably with SLURRYTUB. By removing the harmful particles present in wet trade slurry, the portable filtering system provides an environmentally friendly solution to clean your tools and equipment. Leaving visibly clear water to drain within a designated washout area or be recycled on the job. The filtration system captures the solids allowing the hardened waste to be disposed of in a controlled environment easily.

3 - Concrete Hose Protection

Construction projects are messy. They leave trash all over the place. Because of this, customers like competent contractors who clean up after themselves. However, occasionally the issue goes beyond merely dirt and debris. It might go further. Wherever you use concrete pumps, pipes, and other concrete pumping equipment, existing surfaces get scratched, marked, and even cracked.

A concrete hose support tool such as the one offered by  Pumper Caddy will ensure that the pump a concrete company uses is safe and runs smoothly. This tool reduces friction from impacts on Jobsite surfaces and uses non-abrasive plastic to prevent clamps and hoses from damaging existing surfaces. Also, the concrete can be easily pushed back onto the truck on any surface, making it easier to get the hose back to the pump truck.

4 - Relative humidity (RH) test kits

It is essential to measure the moisture beneath the surface of the concrete slab for flooring initiatives to succeed. Some tests only look at the surface and get unreliable results. In the anhydrous calcium chloride test, for instance, simply the rate of moisture vapor emission from the slab's surface is measured. Nothing regarding the moisture level deeper in the slab is revealed by it. Only science has shown the in situ relative humidity (RH) test to be accurate and reliable.

Testing is fairly simple. Just be careful to conduct a moisture test before setting up any finished flooring. This reduces the possibility of a disastrous flooring failure. Never apply floor coverings, adhesives, or other completed floor items on a slab that isn't completely dry.

5 - Laser Leveling Tool

Laser levels are invaluable tools for any kind of surveying. They project a fixed line or dots of light onto a horizontal or vertical surface to provide a flat reference plane between two points.

Long-range laser levels enable personnel to assess an expansive area's slope or height. They can guarantee the foundation level, foundation footings, flooring, and other flat surfaces. They can also be used for landscaping tasks like terracing and retaining walls, door and window alignment, and drywall installation.

Check out these essential tools when pouring concrete and enjoy strong, durable concrete projects that will keep your customers satisfied.

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A clear overview of what every concrete contractor needs to be effective. This is a valuable reference for those getting started in concrete.

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Having these tools on hand ensures that concrete contractors can tackle any project with confidence and precision.

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