What’s a concrete hose support?

What’s a concrete hose support?

During the pouring and distribution of concrete, a concrete hose support is a tool used to hold and place the hose. These supports, which are normally made of steel, plastic or aluminum, are built to withstand concrete's tremendous weight and abrasive properties.

Concrete hose supports come in a variety of forms, each with particular features and advantages. The most typical varieties include:

Wall mounts: The concrete hose can be easily and conveniently positioned by mounting these supports to a wall or other vertical surface. A bracket or clamp that may be adjusted to hold the hose in a certain position is generally included.

Freestanding supports: These supports don't need any further mounting or attachment because they are made to be set down on the ground. They can usually be moved about and are more portable.

Boom supports: The concrete hose can be positioned precisely and easily with the help of these supports, which may be put on a boom or other raised platform. They frequently have an adjustable element, such as a swivel joint, that enables the hose to be positioned at various angles.

The concrete hose may be easily moved around a project site with the help of these supports, which are made to be installed on a trolley or other mobile platform. Usually, they have wheels or other features that make it simple to move them.

For every construction or concrete delivery project, concrete hose supports are a necessary equipment because they ensure that the concrete is transported to the proper site and is placed correctly. Additionally, they aid in shielding the hose from damage, extending its longevity and lowering the frequency of replacement.

In general, concrete hose supports are a practical and affordable way to hold and place concrete hoses during delivery and pouring. They are extensively utilized in the building, construction, and other related industries.

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